Generating Tomorrow’s Electricity

Generating Tomorrow’s Electricity

Without a doubt we live in an electricity dependent society that understands the need for a reliable and constant supply of power.  When power outages occur, they leave people feeling insecure and unprotected.  Generators and power plants provide instant power without calling attention to the fact there is a problem.  At Gentel Power Resources, Inc. we help determine which type and size generator best fits your needs. Utilizing our vast resources and experience, we are able to help eliminate the worries of no power.

Gentel Power Resources Inc. helps a variety of clients around the world by keeping them out of the dark. We provide sales and service of new and used generator sets, diesel engines, automatic transfer switches, PTO generators, and a variety of other related products.

We’ve been buying and selling new, surplus, and used industrial diesel engines and electric power generators since 1999. When you work with us, not only can you rest assured that you will always get a competitive price for your equipment, but you’ll also be dealing with a professional organization backed by years of experience. We pride ourselves on our reputation for selling low-hour, high-quality equipment. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we will work hard to find the equipment that you desire. 

At Gentel Power Resources Inc. we offer the following products and services to our clients:

  • Power Generation
  • Data Center Equipment Removals and Installation
  • Universal Power Supplies
  • PTO and Portable Generators
  • Automatic Transfer Situations
  • HVAC’s
  • Telecom Switching
  • Maintenance
  • Surplus
  • Liquidation Services and Consignment
  • Equipment Brokering
  • Shocker Hitches
  • Installation/Maintenance/Removals

Power Backup generation Rental Programs available for:

  • Commercial and Residential
  • Special events
  • Construction sites
  • Emergency conditions
  • Industrial and agricultural needs