We currently have more units available than listed below, including rental grade units for sale (20kw to 2500kw).

Contact our sales team if you are in need of equipment not listed. Phone: 407-498-0866 or 407-892-9779 | Email: sales@gentelpower.com

Contact our sales team for pricing. Pictures of equipment available if needed.

Diesel Generators

30kw Broadcrown Diesel Genset: 30kw Broadcrown, John Deere diesel with a 12-hour tank, sound enclosure, single-phase only. 2003 model with 650 hours. Load bank tested and serviced. Very clean unit. Loaded on your truck.

100kw Cummins/Marathon: WP Enclosure, 220-gallon base tank, 3ph, 208/480v, MB, clean running unit, 540 hours, load bank tested, data center takeout, 00 yr.

750kw Generac/Mits: SA Enclosure, 2000 gallon DW Base Tank, 3ph, 480v, 249 hours, Tier-2, Clean running unit, data center takeout, load banked, MB, 06/06 yr.

800kw Cummins Package: 2014 Cummins QSK23-G7Model DQCC (spec sheet attached)300 hours since new Tier 21200A BreakerWeatherproof Enclosure1000 Gallon UL142 fuel tank3ph, 480Volts, 60hz, 1800rpm.

1000kw Cummins Package Tier I: 2007 Tier 1 QST30-G4, it’s a low hour Data Center take out.  Very Clean Unit inside and Out!  Data Center Take out and Maintained as a Critical Load Genset!  1000 kW Standby / 900 kW Prime. 710 hours since new. 750 Gallon base tank.

Natural Gas/LP Gas Generators

60kw Kohler/GM: NG/LP, SA Enclosure, 1/3ph, 240v, 12-lead, 200A Kohler ATS, remote annunciator, Kohler battery charger, MB, 278 hours, clean running unit, like new, defense contractor takeout, 06 yr.

Portables: Gasoline, PTO & Diesel

30kw Tiger Power PTO: Generator, on a trailer, 1ph, 240v, demo/surplus, farming generator for tractor.

Rental Grade Generator Trailers

MGS Trailers for rental grade: or standby generators up to 200kw in size, 150-gallon tank built into trailer frame base, tandem axle, surge brakes, heavy-duty trailers. Surplus, new. Have certificates of origin for each trailer. OUT OF STOCK –

Distribution Switch Gear

Russelectric Dist. Gear, 13.2KV, Medium Voltage: Surplus New, six main dist cabinets, two main control cabinets, six square D vacuum main breakers, at 1200 AMP each roll out style. All manuals and electrical drawings on gear. Manufactured for a Cummins 2Meg Genset at 13.2 volts. It can be reconfigured for paralleling more generators as needed. Like new condition, Nema-1 Enclosure, some spare parts are on hand. The production year 2005.

Farrow Low-Pressure Blasting Machine

185-FS Portable Farrow Blasting Machine on a tandem axle trailer: 110-gallon water tanks on board, 185 CFM Airman compressor, 1050 hours, towable unit, surge brakes, Farrow system 300 lb pot and 65″ hose for blasting. Great to clean anything from graffiti, pool decks, classic cars, restoration, remediation, and boat bottoms to heavy-duty projects and industrial projects.

Automatic Transfer Switches

  • 1- 800AMP, Generac GTS, 3ph, 208v, 3P, Nema-3R
  • 1- 400amp, GE Zenith, ByPass, 3ph, 3P, 480v, N-1
  • 5/4- 100AMP, Generac Load C, 1 ph, 240v, Nema-1
  • 4- 100A, Generac, 240v, 1ph, Nema-3R
  • 1- 104AMP, ASCO, 3ph, 480v, Nema-3R

Hospital Takeout Transfer Switches Bypass & Normal

  • 1- 1200A, ASCO 7000 ByP, 208v, 3ph, 4Pole, Nema-1
  • 2- 1200A, Cutler Hammer, 480v, 3ph, 4Pole, SE-N3-R
  • 2- 1000A, ASCO 7000 ByP, 480v, 3ph, 4Pole, Nema-1
  • 1/1- 800A, ASCO 7000 ByP, 480v, 3ph, 3&4-wire, Nema-1
  • 1- 800A, GE Zenith, ByP, 480v, 3ph, 3Pole, Nema-1
  • 1- 600A, ASCO 7000 Normal, 480v, 3ph, 4Pole, Nema-1
  • 1- 600A, ASCO, 962-ByP, 480v, 3ph, 4Pole, Nema-1
  • 4- 600A, ASCO 940 series, 480v, 3ph, 3&4Pole, Nema-1
  • 1- 600A, GE Zenith, ByP, 208v, 3ph, 3pole, Nema-1
  • 1- 400A, ASCO, 962-ByP, 480v, 3ph, 3-wire, Nema-1
  • 3- 400A, ASCO 940 series, 480v, 3ph, 3-wire, Nema-1
  • 1- 400A, ASCO 300 series, 208v ,3ph, 3-wire, Nema-1
  • 1- 400A, Generac, 208v, 3ph, 3-wire, Nema-3R
  • 1- 260A, ASCO, ByP, 962, 480v, 3ph, 3-wire, N-1
  • 1- 260A, ASCO, 940 series, 480v, 3ph, 4-wire, Nema-1
  • 2- 260A, ASCO 940 series, 240v, 1ph, Nema-1
  • 1- 200A, Generac GTS, 240v, 1ph, 2P, Nema-1
  • 1- 200A, Generac GTS, 480v, 3ph, 3P, Nema-1, 03 yr.
  • 1- 150A, ASCO, ByP, 962, 480v, 3ph, 3-wire, N-1
  • 1- 150, Kohler, 480v, 3ph, 4-wire, Nema-1
  • 1- 125A, Onan, 208v, 3ph, 4-wire, Nema-1
  • 2- 100A, ASCO 300 series, 480v, 3ph, 4-wire, Nema-1
  • 2- 104A, ASCO 300 series, 480v, 3ph, 3/4-wire, Nema-1
  • 1- 100A, Thomson Tech, 480/208v, 3ph, 4-wire, N-3R
  • 1- 70A, ASCO, 300 series, 480v, 3ph, 3-wire, Nema-1