Products Offered

Products Offered

Our primary focus is on generators from 10w and above. Some of the brands that we feature to include, but not limited to John Deere, Blue-Star, MMD, MTU, Broadcrown, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, Generac, Perkins, Kohler, SDMO, Aksa, MQ, Katolight, Pramac, Yanmar, Gillette, Tiger Power, Baldor, Isuzu, Winco, etc. 

Gentel Power Resources, Inc. offers a variety of products including, but not limited to for Residential, Industrial & Commercial applications: Turbine Power Plants, Solar Turbines, Home Stand-By, PTO, Portable Units, Commercial Grade Units, Automatic Transfer Switches, Rental Units and UPS’s. We also offer a rental program for companies needing back-up power on a limited basis. Our team of experts is available to help and/or advise you in regards to installation, removals, and maintenance.

We also carry Shocker Hitches – with up to 16,000 lbs towing capacity…

Why us a shocker hitch?

  • Smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Removes guesswork from load balancing.
  • Saves money by reducing trailer breakage.
  • Improve vehicle control and safety.

There is a tremendous amount of energy transferred back and forth between the truck and the trailer. The point of the transfer is at the hitch-ball, by allowing a small amount of controlled movement at this point, we can dampen out a large percentage of damaging force.

Standard Shocker vs. Air Shocker

A standard shocker uses a pivot action along with polyurethane bump cushions to dampen out bad shock energy. The shocker slides into a standard two-inch receiver with cushion options for standard 100-400 lb tongue weight, medium – 400 lb to 800 lb tongue weight. Hard – 800 lb to 1200 lb. Note: This unit is height adjustable.

An air shocker provides the ultimate smooth ride. It is a miniature air suspension unit mounted between your truck and trailer. It uses a pivot action along with an air bag for more control. This shocker mounts the same as the standard unit, sliding into a two-inch receiver tube. Another benefit of Air Shockers is that it can be used as a tongue scale. 5lbs air pressure per 100 lbs tongue weight.